Week 16 Results, Standings

29 12 2010


Ryan: 8-8

Chris: 9-7

Ransom: 10-6

Dominique: 7-9

Curry: 7-9

Jones: 10-6

Seahorn: 10-6

Salyers: 9-7

Sutter: 8-8

McQueen: 9-7



1. Ryan: (150-90)

2. Curry/Ransom/Sutter 149-91

5. Chris (147-93)

6. Jones: (146-94)

7. Salyers 142-98

8. Seahorn: (141-99)

9. Dominique: (140-100)

10. McQueen: (139-101)



Webb puts on for UAB, Birmingham

29 12 2010

Webb looked miles better than he did last Monday for the Vikings.

17/26 195 yards and the rushing touchdown shown above.  Time will tell whether or not the Vikings are comfortable with him moving forward, more than likely he’ll get to show a little more against Detroit this upcoming Sunday.  If Webb puts up another impressive performance, maybe the Vikings decide they like what they have and build elsewhere in the draft.  We shall soon see.

Singletary out in ‘Frisco

27 12 2010

"With my last breath...I curse Zoidberg"

Okay, so we knew this was coming, it was inevitable as soon as the Niners were staring an 0-5 record in the face.  Singletary clearly didn’t have a full grasp on what being a head coach in the league entailed and that his old school “bust heads” philosophy was sadly only going to get him so far in the NFL today.  His “arrival” (becoming Interim Coach in 2008) gave the team a much needed spark on the way to a 5-4 record.  In 2009, the team had high expectations and finished 8-8, this year? Even higher, with a weak NFC West and the Cardinals destined for a down year without Kurt Warner, the 49ers could’ve easily wrapped up the division after Week 12.  Maybe this is a learning process for Singletary, who has paid his dues as an Assistant in Baltimore and a defensive coordinator for Mike Nolan, maybe he’ll go back to being a DC, and can learn from another Head Coach about what it really takes.  Maybe in 3-4 years, we see him get another crack at it, and this time, be successful.

One does begin to wonder what would’ve happened all these years if Marty was never let go in San Diego.  Norv Turner would’ve never left Alex Smith and maybe, just maybe, he would’ve developed into a decent quarterback.  One thing is clear, at some point, and hopefully that means March, the Niners just have to give up on Alex Smith and let him go.  He’s not going to become a consistent quarterback in this league, or at least, not in San Francisco.  While Troy Smith wasn’t the answer, yanking him in the 4th quarter with 9 minutes to go when your team still has a chance makes little to no sense and gives you a microcosm of what’s been going on in San Francisco.  The only thing really keeping Singletary with a job was the fact that even after an 0-5 start, the Niners were able to pull off 5 wins in 9 games and be in the weakest division in football.  The ineptitude of the NFC West extended his career as a Head Coach, but that does not mean he shouldn’t get another shot down the line.  Remember, Norv Turner was a failure with the Redskins and Raiders before he took over in San Diego.


Week 16 Picks, Week 15 Results

27 12 2010

My apologies for not posting the Week 15 results, but Christmas week, hectic, all that good stuff, you understand.

WEEK 15 Results:

Ryan: 10-6

Chris: 10-6

Ransom: 11-5

Dom: 12-4

Curry: 10-6

Jones: 10-6

Seahorn: 11-5

Salyers: 11-5

Sutter: 9-7

McQueen: 10-6

Week 16 Picks:



Dan Connolly…..better than Hester

21 12 2010

Shoutsout to Dan Connolly, single-handedly representing for all linemen.  Everywhere.

As a former lineman (in fourth grade): Respect.

19 Teams still in it…..and it’s Week 16

21 12 2010

I’m beyond serious, technically, 19 teams are still in playoff contention and we only have two weeks to go in the regular season.  Now I understand that this is about as confusing as these Ray Lewis Old Spice commercials, but fear not my friend, I’m hear to walk you through these playoff scenarios (this time with further detail) and make sure you understand how your favorite team (if they’re still in it) can get in the post-season.


Let’s start in the AFC (we’ll do NFC tomorrow), where only two teams: the Patriots and Steelers, have clinched playoff berths.

But the Steelers have not quite clinched their division at 10-4, they are still tied with the Ravens in the AFC North.  In order to clinch the division, the Steelers must:

  • Win out, assuring they have a 5-1 division record, which would give them the tie-breaker over the Ravens due to the Ravens already having a 2-2 record.
  • Should Pittsburgh lose one of their final two games, they need Baltimore to lose either of their final two.  Regardless, Pittsburgh will own the tie-breaker due to having the better division record, the worst they can have is 4-2.

The Ravens aren’t necessarily guaranteed a playoff spot either at 10-4, they can still win the division, but they need a few things to go their way:

  • The easiest route to a division crown is for them to win out and hope that either the Panthers or Browns trip the Steelers up.  This would give the Ravens a 12-4 record compared to the Steelers’ 11-5.
  • In order to earn a Wildcard Berth it’s simple: a win this week and they’re in.  The only other team that can catch them are the Jets, and due to the fact that the Ravens own the tie-breaker, they’ll get in regardless.
  • If the Ravens LOSE both their last two games, they will need a lot of help to get in, with a 7-5 conference record the Ravens will need two of the current 8-6 teams to lose one game.

It's their division to lose, plain and simple

The New York Jets dropped two straight games when they looked like the favorites to win the AFC East, they can still win their division if they win out and the Patriots lose two straight.  This would give the Jets and Pats identical records, and with a split season series, the Jets would have a better division record than the Patriots, giving them the AFC East crown.  If the Patriots chalk up a win next week, the best the Jets can grab in the AFC playoff race will be the 5-seed.

  • The only way the Jets can lose their wildcard berth is for them to lose two-straight, and for Indianapolis, San Diego and Jacksonville to win out.  I haven’t figured out the tie-breaker on this one as it comes down to strength of victory vs. San Diego

Jets still control their own destiny and they'll be a force to be reckoned with

In the AFC South, things are simple, if the Colts win their last two games, they’re in, this makes things tough for Jacksonville, who had things wrapped up in the AFC South until Sunday.  If Jacksonville wins two straight, and the Colts clinch the AFC South by winning their last two, they can still get in the playoffs by:

  • Having San Diego lose one of their last two and having the Jets lose both their games would give them the 6th seed behind Baltimore.
  • That’s it.

The play that blew the AFC South wide open

The AFC West is probably the division in the AFC that is the most open.  The Raiders have an outside shot at a division crown if they can win out, have the Chiefs lose both games (one against the Raiders) and have the Chargers lose just one.  A 9-7 Raiders team would win the division due to their 6-0 AFC West record.  Should they not win the division crown? Well, they can’t get in, the Raiders’ 7-losses are already more than Baltimore and the Jets can possibly have.

The Chiefs do control their division hopes, they must win out, and they’re in with at least the 4-seed, however, if they lose a game they need San Diego to drop one as well.

The Chargers don’t necessarily control their own destiny to get in the post-season:

  • To win the division, they must win out and hope for a Chiefs loss
  • To earn a wild-card berth they must win out and hope for the Jets or Ravens to lose both their games and pray for a strength of victory tie-breaker

Who would've thought HE would bring the Raiders back...I'll wait

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the AFC playoff picture, a good half of these teams will be good and eliminated after Week 16, it’ll be interesting to see which ones.

Week 15 Picks

18 12 2010

Another week, another set of mediocre picks.  Things have changed since the beginning of the season and Curry’s lead has diminished to nothing but a tie; Curry, Sutter and myself are tied for 1st place.

Chris and Ransom aren’t too far behind, their four game deficit can easily be covered within the next 3 weeks.

Everyone has started 1-0 with San Diego’s decisive victory over San Francisco, other unanimous choices: Zona over Carolina, Philly over the G-Men, Tampa over Detroit, Dallas over Washington, Atlanta over Seattle, and Oakland over Denver.  Once again, I’m the only fool that picked the Jaguars and only Dominique has picked the Jets over the Steelers.