The Best Offseason in Many a Season

22 05 2010

Thank God for rumors of an Albert Haynesworth Trade. Thank God for the McNabb trade. Thank God for Ben Roethlisberger off the field issues. Thank God for the idea that Culpepper might sign a deal that well take him from the Detroit Lions of the NFL to the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Loins and for once in his God awful career, Thank GOD for JaMarcuss Russell. Thanks to all of these off season stories, rumors, big time off season moves, trades, cuts and re-signing, we have had the pleasure of doing without something this off season that for the past 4 off season we had to endure: Favre Watch! This off season we have had little to no Favre talk at all! And iCouldn’t be any happier! iWill offer my opinion on what Favre should do. Just be real with everyone, say iHate going though the off season and the pre-season (iHate going through it too!!) Just tell the Vikings that the first thing has been checked off my list (Beat the holy horse hell outta the team that iBuild *cough cough Packers*) and now iJust wanna play real (regular and post season) football. And considering that the Vikings were only 3pts and a coin flip away from the SuperBowl, if iWere them I’d set Brett up with a plane ride back to Mississippi to throw footballs with all the high schoolers he wants to and promise to fly him back up just in time to practice for the season!

With that being said iMust say that this off season has got to be the most exciting one iHave had the pleasure of keeping up with, and since this years NBA playoffs have been a tad lackluster compared to last years were if it didn’t have the Cavs in the series (were it was just exciting to see him put on his on Dunk and Alley-Oop contest) the series would go to 7 (*cough cough Bull v BostonĀ  instant classic) and 75% of those games went to at least double overtime. All that to say (finally) that this off season has got me excited for the Season Kickoff (NOT THAT GOD AWFUL PRE-SEASON!)


Did Number 4 Hear Me???

22 05 2010

*Whispering* Shhhh!!! Everybody be quite! iThink my room is bugged! As soon as iSaid something about this off season being great without the hype of Favre Watch 2010, he goes and has surgery, promoting everybody to hop on the Welcome Back party committee in Minnesota. While he has yet to let the sports world know whether he’ll be back for this season but here’s what this does tell us:

Brett Favre on Friday morning underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle to remove bone spurs and scar tissue that has been bothering the Quarterback for some time.

YOU DON’T GET THIS SURGERY TO STAY OUT OF THE GAME: You don’t need this surgery to run your day-to-day life, and most certainly a life of a retired football player with the resume such as Brett’s. He won’t have to come up with a back up plan for making money cuz if he keeps with the funny SEARS commercials I’m sure he’ll have money in the bank for all the Wangler Jeans he could possibly want. All this to say that the number 4 will be back to throw to guys that grew up watching him play with the Packers.