And then there were 8…

9 01 2011

One weekend down, 3 more to go until we get to the Super Bowl (I’m counting the Pro Bowl…..judge me later).

So we’ve seen three games come down to the final minute, one shocker, and one old school beatdown, the only thing that would’ve been better would be for the Chiefs to have made their game closer.  We can’t have everything we want, but one thing is for sure: we got our treat Wildcard Weekend, and it truly was wild.

Ultimately, in 3 of the 4 matches, the better TEAM (yes, the Packers are a better TEAM than the Eagles) won, and in the 4th matchup, we learned just how important Home Field Advantage is.  Want to know what’s the best part? If the Seahawks pull off the road upset, and the Packers go to the GA Dome and win, the SEAHAWKS, at 9-9 will host the NFC Championship!

"LOL, why you mad though?"

The four eliminated teams have some questions they need to answer during this offseason (we’re assuming there’s a 2011 season) in order to have another shot at the playoffs next year.

The Saints need to take a look at their secondary, what Matt Hasselbeck did to Roman Harper is just beyond words, I’ve never seen someone so mercilessly embarrassed at their job.  I know they’re missing a few pieces, but to not have someone ready to go that won’t blow SIMPLE coverages, that’s a big missing piece.  They also need to see which of their 1000 running backs can carry the full load next year, don’t be surprised if Reggie is given his pink slip since he has contributed anything consistent to the team.  Drew Brees is a great QB, but he can’t do EVERYTHING for the team.  Get him help.

The Chiefs are going to need to scramble to find an Offensive Coordinator to replace Charlie Weis who will be heading to UF, Matt Cassel looked as sloppy as he did pre-Weis on Sunday.  This happened to be a mix of bad-playcalling and inefficiency, but nonetheless, Cassel was ineffective, and they need to make sure whoever is calling plays next year knows how to use the talents of the offense….namely Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones.

The Colts…..they just need to stretch and get some calcium in their bones.  As long as they have Peyton Manning, they have a chance.

The Eagles need a lot: most notably an offensive line, because Vick has gotten beat up ALL SEASON.  His playing style already jeopardizes his body, so do what you can to protect him: get blockers.  Signing some DBs in the offseason could help as well, most notably that one guy coming out of Oakland….

Domino effect of Davis cutting the Cable

Previews of the Divisional Round soon




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